The installation of Syndesis on OKD/OpenShift is pretty straightforward.

Clone the repository:

$ git clone

Add syndesis bin tools to your PATH:

$ export PATH=${PATH}:$(pwd)/syndesis/tools/bin

Source shell completion, e.g. zsh or bash - replace accordingly:

$ source <(syndesis completion zsh)

Make sure you are logged in to the cluster.

Install CRDs clusterwide. You have to run this option once as cluster admin.

$ syndesis install --setup

Install the latest version of Syndesis in syndesis project. If the project exists, it will be re-created.

$ syndesis install --project syndesis --watch --open

If you need to install a specific version of Syndesis, add a --tag <tag> option, e.g.:

$ syndesis install --project syndesis --watch --open --tag 1.10.0